How Much More Money Would YOU Make
Right NOW If You Knew The Exact Words
That Will Grab Your Customers' Attention
And Make Them Realize How Much They
Will Benefit By Buying What You Sell?

If You Can Do These 3 Simple Things:
1. Read 114 pages
2. Answer 42 Easy Questions
3. Copy, Paste & Edit
You too can develop a message that grabs the attention of your MOST Profitable Customer and become a Marketing Money Machine!

As you are reading this, small businesses are revolutionizing the way they market themselves!

These people have no more experience and knowledge than you,
but they seem to know exactly what to do to get all the customers
they want, easily...

I have proven it with small business owners just like you.
I'll tell you how in just a minute. But first, take a look at a couple of case studies:

Case Study #1

Stu McLaren
Master Trainer

"...sales were unpredictable and I never knew when they would come in. Because, every marketing I was doing was not building on the previous one. And a large factor to that was that I had no marketing blueprint.

All I can tell you is that as soon as I got a hold of Ann DeVere's course, the Marketing Blueprint Developer everything changed. She laid out exactly how to build a marketing blueprint from scratch, when you have no clue where to start. And her templates and guide-lines are exceptional. It made the whole process so simple and easy. I can't recommend Ann's course highly enough, because now every single one of my marketing efforts is built on the previous one and the momentum I've gained in my business has been incredible. Ann thank you so much!

Stu McLaren
Master Trainer
speaker, consultant

I want you to imagine your life if every customer you had not only paid you top dollar but also was the customer you most wanted to work with...

That’s exactly what will happen if you follow the Marketing Blueprint Developer System!

Just think bout it...
How much more money WOULD YOU make if every customer you have pays you top dollar?

The focus of the entire program is for you to know:

  • WHO is Your MOST Profitable customer?
  • WHERE are they?
  • HOW can you get to them?
  • WHAT are the exact words that will grab their attention and make them realize how much they will benefit by buying what you sell?

These are the questions that the Marketing Blueprint Developer will answer for you.

What makes the Marketing Blueprint Developer Toolkit different than any other marketing program out there?

Here Is How It works!

  1. Read 114 pages
    The first thing I do is "Demystify Marketing" and teach you how to think about your business like a marketer.
    You don't need a degree to be an expert at marketing your business. You just need to know how to identify your most profitable target market and then provide those customers the exact information they are looking for in plain easy to understand language. By using a simple 3 part marketing system, it is possible to triple your client base in less than 30 days. This key process will deliver all the customers you want. I'll show you just how easy it is to develop your own Marketing Blueprint.

  2. Answer 42 Easy Questions
    Then you answer the questions in the Compiler tool. If you ask the right questions... you'll get the right answers!
    The Compiler Tool is a set of 42 questions specifically designed to draw out the positive aspects of your business and give you the information you need to establish your Marketing Blueprint.
    These are the same questions I ask to develop marketing campaigns for my consulting clients who pay me thousands of dollars.

  3. Copy, Paste & Edit
    Then all you need to do is open the templates I have provided and design your marketing pieces. The "Jump Start" Design Pack contains the 3 step Info-Marketing templates you need to get started designing your lazar targeted lead generating marketing materials NOW!
    Watch this video and see how easy it really is
    to design your marketing materials using the
    Compiler tool and the Templates!

I have taken time tested marketing principles and boiled them down to the essentials while making sure to maintain their power and effectiveness!
Now you can:

Identify your MOST Profitable Target Market

Develop marketing materials that address your customer's wants and needs
Answer your customer’s questions and overcome their objections BEFORE you meet with them for the first time

If you are selling, or planning to sell, any Products and Services, this letter could prove to be vitally important to your future. Here's why:

  1. 90 % of all Small Businesses don't come anywhere near making as much money as they should! Because most small business owners don't know how to market and sell their own products and services. If they used the simple methods described below, they could triple their business.

  2. Avoid wasting your time and money on marketing and selling approaches that are doomed to fail. This program will show you how to do it in your own business every day. It is a risk-free, guaranteed way to get as many new customers as you can handle.

Dear Friend,

How many times have you asked yourself what am I doing wrong?

How many times have you picked up a newspaper and seen other people making tons of cash selling the same products and services as you?

These are people who are no smarter or more experienced than you are, but who seem to know exactly what to do. If your business isn't generating the significant income you hoped for, here's the reason why:

You probably don't understand
what people really want to buy

Understanding what they want to buy makes all the difference. Listen to what Rebecca Pagdan and Dave Morton have to say about this fundamental approach to marketing and selling:

Case Study #2

Rebecca Pagdan
Pilates Mind and Body

"...The Marketing Blueprint Developer helped me find the real strengths and selling points of my business. It taught me how to:
  • Find out who my best clients are
  • What they are looking for
  • How to show them that my service is the best answer to their needs

I learned how to put all that information into very attractive packages that make my customers feel a need for my services.

Now I can design professional looking brochures! The whole process gave me the confidence and knowledge I needed to successfully sell my services and products."

Rebecca Pagdan
Pilates Mind and Body

Case Study #3

Dave Morton
College Copy Center

"Marketing Blueprint Developer makes you focus on your customers prospective, like what problems and frustrations people face when buying what you sell and how you can solve their problems.

It helps you to determine how your business is different from other businesses and their approach. Even when you have the same product or service it can be presented differently and make your customer feel better about what they are getting.

It gave me a fresh new perspective about which direction I needed to go and redefined my objectives. I hadn't thought about those things in a long time."

Dave Morton
College Copy Center
La Mesa, CA

I learned the hard way...
YOU don't have to!

I want you to know that I have traveled the same road most likely you have when learning to promote my businesses. It was through a great deal of pain and frustration not to mention the money I lost that got me to learn 2 BIG marketing lessons.

BIG Lesson #1
If you don't tell them they won't know!
If they don't know they won't come!

Like most small business owners I thought if I just started a business and worked very hard the money would come. I found out the hard way that just having a great product or service doesn’t mean your business will be successful.

In the mid 1980s, I decided to try my hand at the New York real estate market. Right away I noticed that the successful agents in the office were doing quite a lot of marketing. Since I had no money at that time, I said, “Well, when I make some money, I will invest it in marketing.”

I was doing the same thing most small business owners do. I was waiting to make money so I could afford to spend money on marketing. So, I kept on waiting and waiting while I watched the other agents around me make money.

You need to tell people what you are selling and why your product or service is the very thing they need to buy. You need to make sure they realize if they don’t buy what you are offering it will cost them dearly.

BIG Lesson #2:
If you don't decide who your customer is and speak directly to them you'll be spending your time and money on people who don't want or can't buy what you are selling.

After the real estate market I decided to go into a totally different business, because I had heard "if you do what you love the money will follow" I went in to apparel manufacturing and retailing. We designed, manufactured and sold our own Ladies Apparel and offered custom designed evening wear.

Because I realized the importance of marketing, what I ended up doing was spending a lot of money on the big billboards in the New York subways, radio ads and flyers... It was a great idea but the problem was we ended up getting people walking through the door who were not interested or able to afford what we were selling because the billboards and the radio ads didn’t have a specific message going out to attract the affluent.
Identify your MOST profitable target market and speak to them directly!

These 2 BIG lessons I learned 20 Years ago opened my eyes and forced me to become a lifetime student of marketing and Changed my life forever!

 Discover How Ann DeVere
Will Change YOUR Business Life Forever

Here is what some of the Experts
have to say about this Powerful Toolkit

"Ann DeVere's Marketing Blueprint Developer enables me to clarify what it is customers will be receiving in a fraction of the normal time and without spending $5,000 - $10,000 per month on marketing expense which I've done going on 18 years. If I'd received Ann DeVere's Marketing Blueprint Developer 25 years ago I would have become a multi-millionaire in marketing 20 years sooner..."

Joel Bauer
Author & Marketing Consultant of
America's corporate giants

Click to watch the video

Joel Bauer is the Marketing Consultant of America's corporate giants! Here is what Joel had to say about the Marketing Blueprint Developer.

Eric Lofholm
Master Sales Trainer

"I was so impressed with what Ann put together in her home study course that I decided to hire Ann to help me with numerous marketing projects within my company.

In addition to that I've also had Ann on as a marketing expert in my weekly calls that I do with my top clients. I enthusiastically endorse Ann DeVere and her Marketing Blueprint Developer System."

- Eric Lofholm
Master Sales Trainer

How would you like to learn how to
attract a flood of new clients that will
spark a huge surge in your cash flow?

Mitch Carson
Speaker, Author & Consultant

"...Your blend of graphic arts and direct marketing have been revealed. You exceeded my expectations with a clear path that anyone can follow..."

-Mitch Carson
Speaker, Author & Consultant

How would you like to have "insider" secrets that have been tested and
proven to make every advertising
dollar you spend produce results?

"It's like having your very own
marketing consultant..."

Think about it: You can actually compete with companies
who are spending tens of thousands of dollars
on marketing firms...

Tim Ristine
President, Y2Marketing of SoCal

"The value that your materials are bringing for the price point is something as an independent consultant I would never be able to touch. The value you bring is equivalent to the value of the kind of marketing that we do. You're giving people a tool to do the marketing themselves, utilizing the same level of tools that we use as professional consultants. So, there is a huge value here as the Marketing Blueprint Developer kit. I just think it's fabulous!"

Tim Ristine
President of Y2Marketing of Southern California

YOU can have marketing materials that get
great results,
even if you can't afford (or want)
to spend $25,000+ to
hire a marketing firm

The Secret is in Knowing What Information
Should Be Used and How it Should Be Presented!

Now, Let Me Tell You
How I Can Help You Make More Money!

This is the same system I use to develop marketing campaigns and money making marketing pieces for my clients. For which I charge thousands of dollars. My fees for developing marketing materials start at $3,500.00 and go up from there

The Marketing Blueprint Developer is by far, the simplest and yet, most powerful marketing tool kit out there for writing
powerful sales letters, postcards, brochures, web pages, display ads, classified ads, and yellow page ads that sell!

The bottom line is this: If you want your ads and sales letters to stop being money-wasters and start being money-makers, you must take a closer look at this Toolkit!

Now You Can Use This Simple, Step-By-Step System
To Turn All Your Ads Into Powerful Money-Makers
100% Guaranteed!!!

Jane Howell
President, Mentacor Coaching

"...and I can't tell you enough about Ann's Marketing Blueprint Developer. It is a great tool for you to use in your business. Now, let me tell you why it has worked so well for me. It is really well laid out. Things flow logically from one to the next. It is very easy to read. Ann explains things beautifully. She takes a very complex topic like marketing and made it very understandable. Now, in addition to that, as I used the guide, she has these great practical ideas that I could implement right away in my business and it made a huge difference. I've already increased my customer base from using this tool. So, it's a very easy, simple to use, pragmatic tool, that if you just work through it - one end to the other, it will work for you very well."

Jane Howell
President, Mentacor Coaching

There are 3 moneymaking components in my Marketing Blueprint Developer TOOLKIT
let's walk through each of them:

    The Marketing Demystifier

    Marketing Blueprint Developer Comprehensive Guide
    walks you through the process of clearly describing what
    goes into developing an effective marketing campaign.

    Section - 1
    How to Get Business to Come to You

    Is your mindset sabotaging your marketing efforts? (Pg-11)
    overcome your biggest obstacle to success

    What is Info-Marketing and how it can help you sell? (Pg-20)
    Are you letting 95%- 99% of potential clients get away?

    Guerrilla marketing vs. the Gorilla marketeer (Pg-22)
    How you can get in the ring with a 500 pound Gorilla marketeer

    Strategic and Tactical marketing (Pg-27)
    If you are missing the most important component
    you are throwing away your marketing dollars!

    Choosing your target market (Pg-32)
    Mess this up and you'll be throwing away more money than you make

    Identifying your unique selling proposition USP (Pg-36)
    Why should they choose you?

    Identifying your most wanted response MWR (Pg-43)
    What gives you the best leverage to sell?

    Section - 2
    Designing Your Marketing Materials

    Fundamentals of Effective Marketing (Pg-50)
    Start with a clear purpose

    The Look And Feel of Your Advertisement (Pg-54)
    You must match the price point of your target market!

    Choosing The Right Colors (Pg-56)
    Would you respond to an ad from an attorney
    if the primary colors were Pink and Lavender?

    Choosing The Right Graphics (Pg-59)
    60% of people are visual...are your graphics
    grabbing their attention?

    Writing the Brochure Copy (Pg-61)
    Choose the wrong style and you'll put
    your reader on the defensive!

    Designing using The 9 Touch Point System (Pg-64)
    If your message "touches" your prospect at these points
    they can't help but respond

    Using Premiums — Bulky Mail Get Opened (Pg-83)
    What's the first thing you do when you open a box "Cracker Jacks"?

    Section - 3
    Working With Graphic Designers

    What to do before calling a graphic designer (Pg-85)

    What to ask when you contact a graphic designer (Pg-86)

    What type of marketing piece will meet your needs? (Pg-87)

    Questions the graphic designer will ask you (Pg-88)

    What would it cost you to hire a Graphic Designer? (Pg-89)

    Choosing Your Designer (Pg-89)

    Section - 4
    Working With Commercial Printers

    Do you really need a commercial printer? (Pg-91)

    Glossary of Color Printing Terminology (Pg-97)

    Section - 5
    Choosing Your Mailing List

    How to choose your mailing list (Pg-106)

    What kind of response you can expect (Pg-110)

    What to ask when buying a list (Pg-112)

    Resources Section

    Information and links to a variety of products and resources

    Audio CDs walking you through the
    Marketing Blueprint Developer system

    CD-1: Developing Your Marketing Blueprint
    Walks you through the entire program.
    It's like having me sitting next to you giving you a crash course on how to develop your own marketing blueprint and explaining how and why everything works the way it does. It's the same program I use during my instructional teleseminars.

    CD-2: The 9 Touch Points
    Designing your marketing materials
    We'll go through each of the touch points one by one. You'll have a clear description of how each point works and why it's important.

    You'll want to keep these CDs handy to go back to, time after time. Each time you listen you'll think of a new strategy to strengthen your marketing and increase your income!

    Lynn Hamilton
    Keller Williams Realty

    "This certainly is the nuts & bolts and the best information that we have been able to pull together.

    We do a lot of advertising and a lot of marketing. And all of those have price tags
    that go on them.

    It's always important to know what is the logic behind what you are doing and what is the logic and mindset of the people who are receiving it.

    I was able to step back and take a look at what I was doing right and what I was doing wrong.

    I would recommend it to anyone who wants to and is planning on making any money."

    Lynn Hamilton
    Keller Williams Realty

    Your Personal Marketing Organizer

    The Compiler Tool
    Is an extensive, well thought-out set of
    42 SIMPLE questions about your business.

    I have made defining your unique marketing message, as easy as answering 42 simple questions. These are the same questions a good marketing consultant would ask you in order to be able to market your business effectively. The key is, knowing the right questions to ask and answer!

    The Compiler Tool is specifically designed to draw out the positive aspects of your business and give you the information you need
    to establish your Marketing Blueprint. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3.
    As you answer each question

    The Compiler Tool:

    1. Gathers your answers
    2. Groups them
    3. Gets them ready for the template of your choice

    Your Personal Marketing Organizer is designed to guide you through the process of revealing the essential elements needed to develop the most effective marketing message possible.

    As you answer each question, the information is compiled into the Touch Point category and is ready to be input into your choice of template.

    • Now you are all set up to develop the most effective marketing message possible and design your marketing materials.

    • You can take the information to a graphic designer and have them produce a marketing piece that would be equal to the brochures designed by the high end marketing companies.

    • Or, if you are artistic, you can design your ads yourself, following the samples included in the kit.

    Shelby Collinge

    "When I opened Ann DeVere's course, the Marketing Blueprint Developer I was blown away. She takes you through how to build a marketing blueprint from scratch. I couldn't believe all the phenomenal information and then to see she also included templates... Ann DEFINITELY over delivered.

    She made the whole process extremely simple not to mention easy to understand and implement.

    I would recommend Ann's Marketing Blueprint Developer to EVERYONE in business for themselves. It has made a huge impact on how I market my business.

    Shelby Collinge

    The "Jump Start" Pack Samples

    Also provided are actual samples of marketing materials from successfully proven campaigns.

    These Samples let you see exactly where and how the 9 touch points have been used, so you can better understand and do it yourself.

    You even get to see how it's possible to give a guarantee even when it's against the law for certain industries.

    The "Jump Start" Design Pack Templates

    The "Jump Start" Pack contains the templates you need
    to get started designing your marketing materials NOW!

    After you study the actual samples provided, you choose and input the information from the Compiler Tool into the templates. Once you have your information in place, you start editing to get a continuous flow in your message. I have provided you with 4 Microsoft Word compatible templates of my "Jump Start" trio.

    The Lead Generator

    Attracts only the people who are interested in what you have to sell.

    The Educator

    • Educates
    • Builds Trust
    • Positions you as an expert at the same time

    We like to buy from experts we like and trust!

    The Positioner

    By using the exclusive 9 touch point system of the Marketing Blueprint Developer:

    • Addresses and Overcomes their objections.
    • Identifies you as the solution to their problem and the answer to their needs.

    Evaluation Worksheets

    • Ad Evaluation Worksheets - 2 different worksheets. NO more wondering if you have effectively
      gotten your message across and how effective your ad is.
      You get to rate your ad for each of the touch points and
      know exactly where you need to go back and improve.
      Try both, and then use the one that suits you best.

    • Cost of Acquiring Each New Customer - calculation worksheet. Use this to figure out exactly how
      much money you need to spend to get the number of
      new customers you want.

    • Customer Service Check List - evaluation
      worksheet. You may be the best at what you do, but
      if your customers don't feel appreciated they will go
      elsewhere. Use this to make sure you are doing all you
      can to provide the best service possible and keep your

    Lorraine Mills
    Innovative Funding Solutions
    "As a Certified Cash Flow Consultant, actually explaining what I do and how I do it is no easy task but the Marketing Blueprint Developer made it easy!

    It gave me excellent direction and outstanding guidance as to who I wanted to appeal to and how I wanted to do that. I was able to define and zero in on my target market

    I chose to use the 1-2-3 punch of the "Jump Start Pack"
    1. I use the one sided flyer to get warm leads. It can be used as an insert or an ad in the paper or a fax broadcast without changing a word.

    2. The first tri-fold brochure answers the questions brought up in the flyer and educates them about Cash Flow services

    3. The second tri fold describes who I am and tells them why they should do business with me.

    I have gotten nothing but good response from my marketing materials."

    Lorraine Mills
    Innovative Funding Solutions

    This isn't one of those programs...

    Maybe you bought one or more of those marketing programs with templates and could not figure out what to do with them and there was no one there to help you figure it out. So they are sitting there on your shelf.

    You get Free membership in my Marketing Protégé program and One-on-one personal consultation with me to make sure you have all the help you need to understand and more importantly start making money right away!

    By Now, I'll Bet You Are "Worrying"
    About The Price ...

    Most people would guess we're into the $1,000.00 to $3,000.00 price range. Fortunately, we are not.

    Since you took the time to respond to one of my messages, I'm prepared to offer you this material at the lowest price it will ever be available for.… The price for everything included with my "Marketing Blueprint Developer Toolkit," under the terms of a LIMITED TIME ONLY SPECIAL, is just $797


    You don't want to
    Waste Money on
    Advertising Guesswork!

    You don't want to
    Waste Time on
    Cold Call Prospecting!

    "Nobody knows your business better
    than you... I'll show you how to
    grab your prospects' attention
    and get your message across!"

    "Experts have agreed, this Toolkit is
    easily worth $1,497 and the price WILL go up..."

    Joel Bauer
    Author & Marketing Consultant

    "...It's a big product you have put together,
    very impressive, very well put together!

    It's certainly one of the best thought out and very content rich. You are not selling this for much!

    My only obvious suggestion would be to raise the price. The value of this system and these materials really are worth, easily $1,497.

    You are giving it away right now. The value of your content is significantly greater than you are charging!"

    Joel Bauer
    Author & Marketing Consultant of
    America's corporate giants

    The Complete
    Marketing Blueprint Developer System
    Toolkit with Audio CDs
    + over $1,062.00 in FREE Bonus Gifts

    Your Personal Marketing Organizer

    So, if you are ready to turn your business into a money making machine and start making more money than you ever thought possible, it's time to begin. Here is what is included in this toolkit:

    There is No Way
    You Can Lose!

    The is fully covered by my

    Triple your investment or
    get your Money Back
    plus $500.00 Guarantee!

    I literally pay you if you fail! I take your success and my system very seriously. I want you to succeed. That’s why I take all the risk for 12 full months.

    If after a full year you have not made back at least three times what you invested and you can show me proof that you used (and recorded) every step I recommend in your Marketing GSA (Goal Strategy Action) plan I will buy it back! Plus, I’ll pay you for failing with a $500.00 personal check as my way of saying thank you for your time and effort.

    How do I make this unparalleled guarantee? Simple, this is a fool proof way of generating thousands of dollars!

    Your Satisfaction Is My Personal Guarantee!


    "The Marketing Blueprint Developer
    is like an insurance policy that
    pays you thousands of dollars
    every time you use it!..."

    To make it even easier for you to take action NOW,
    I have put together a great bunch of

    FREE Bonus Gifts
    valued over

    Bonus #1 Hands-On, Personal Assistance:
    Half-Hour live consultation Certificates
    ($250 Value)

    Good for half-hour live consultation with Ann DeVere.
    I typically charge $250 for these sessions.

    Bonus #2 Hands-On, Personal Assistance:
    1 Critique Certificate ($250 Value)

    You can send in an ad, letter, brochure, whatever... you get advice from me on what you've done well, what you haven't, and how to improve it.

    Bonus #3 Think and Grow Rich ($19.95 Value)
    By Napoleon Hill
    No other book has influenced millionaires around the world more than this one.

    Total Value Over $1,433.00
    for ONLY $797

    "Learning how to market is one of the best
    investments you can make for your business..."

    Yes Ann!

    • I want to take advantage of this great offer and get all the great Bonus Gifts

    • I want to take you up on your offer to teach me how I can
      Develop My Own Marketing Blueprint and Make More Money!

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    • I want access to the easiest and most reliable way
      to dramatically increase my sales

    • I want to increase my profits by having effective
      marketing materials that get great results

    • I want to know what Money Making marketing materials
      consist of, so I can tell my graphic designer exactly
      what I want in my marketing campaign

    • I want to dramatically reduce the cost of my
      advertising and promotional campaigns

    • I want customers who buy more frequently and consistently

    • I Can't Lose!
      The Marketing Blueprint Developer program
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    The Complete
    Marketing Blueprint Developer System
    Toolkit With Audio CDs

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    YOU are competing with
    Multi-Billion Dollar Companies!

    People are bombarded by
    marketing messages

    3,500 a day

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    1,270,000 a year

    I'll show you how you can compete with
    their multi-million dollar marketing budgets!

    • I hope by now you realize that the Marketing Blueprint Developer is your ticket to Freedom

    • You no longer have to struggle to get your prospects to listen to you. If you want them to come looking for you, then click here to order your Marketing Blueprint Developer now!

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    • Aren't you tired of struggling and wondering where the next customer is coming from?

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    • Don't you want to triple your business with minimum effort?

    • If you've read this far, then you know it makes sense to take the next step and take charge of your marketing.

    • You know what to do next ... take out your credit card ... pop-up the order form ... fill-in the information ... and you too can have the marketing Blueprint Developer turn you into the marketing expert for you business and get the most out of your marketing dollars.

    You Can't Lose!

    The Marketing Blueprint Developer Toolkit
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    "Using Info-Marketing
    to generate qualified leads"

    70 Minute Audio Guide

    How to easily generate qualified leads, gain their trust and establish yourself as an expert at the same time


    We respect your email privacy!

    Many Blessings,

    Marketing Blueprint Developer
    NOR concepts

    (619) 334-9667

    P.S. The marketing blueprint developer is like an insurance policy that pays you thousands of dollars every time you use it.

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